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<title>Sizto Tech Corporation, Inc</title>

    Service: Air, Liquid, Oil, Steam, Water
    Pilot Piston
    Normally Closed Two Way Brass Solenoid Valve
    for Air, Liquid & Steam
    Temperature: 23 to 356 °F (-5 TO 180 °C)
    Seal: PTFE
    Pressure: 7 to 232 PSI
    Vacuum Reverse Flow Direction
    Installation: Valve Vertical, Horizontal Flow

    Part # Port Size Voltage Electrical Connection CV Flow Rate Coil Power In Stock Price Quantity Add to Cart
    2L170-1/2 1/2 NPT Din CV=4.8 Orifice: 17mm 40W Low $177.33
    2L170-3/4 3/4 NPT Din CV=4.8 Orifice: 17mm 40W Low $187.19
    2L200-1 1 NPT Din CV=12 Orifice: 20mm 40W Low $218.14
    2L300-1 1/2 1 1/2 NPT Din CV=29 Orifice: 40mm 40W Low $388.15